Welcome to Teddies Music Club Online! Enjoy our growing collection of children's music with videos, songs, colouring pictures and art projects. Entertain your children at home, or on the move, with lively songs and music sessions which they can watch and dance along to as much as they like. Stream our music on your smart devices or TV. See and hear visiting musicians playing different instruments and children coming to sing us their favourite song. Enjoy our enchanting musical stories with large pictures bringing the songs to life and watch us drawing our original pictures of different songs and then download them for your children to colour in.

Inspiring children through music and art


Instead of buying individual videos and songs, why not select a monthly subscription to get unlimited access to our fantastic catalogue of online music resources for as long as you choose. Stream all of our videos, listen to all of our CDs and song tracks, download our colouring pictures when, where, and as often as you like.


Build your own library of wonderful music videos to entertain and educate your children. Video Sessions are packed with great action songs and rhymes, while Themed Videos present a selection of songs on a particular subject. Once you've bought a video then you can play (stream) it on any device whenever you like. Our longer video sessions also include a special Teddies Music Club colouring picture to download.


You can make up your own collection of songs from our library of CDs and Song Tracks. Once you've bought a CD or song track then you can play (stream) it on any device whenever you like. Hard disk CDs can still be purchased directly from the Teddies Music Club by going to the Contact page on the Teddies Home website.

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