Session 10 : Ants in my Pants (23 mins)

Come exploring in the jungle with Claire and Zita! Jungle drums are beating, mosquitoes are whizzing, monkeys are swinging, crocs are snapping, snakes are hissing, birds are flying, hippos are swimming and singing - and if you stay still for a second, you'll get ants in your pants! Eeeekkk!!
And there's a surprise visit from the rest of the Teddies team who wanted to come and sing in the jungle too!


  • Hello song
  • Elephant, Elephant, What Do You See?
  • Jungle Rap
  • Five Bananas
  • Down In The Grass
  • Rowing Down The River
  • Birds Fly High
  • Three Little Monkeys
  • Ants In My Pants
  • Flea Fly
  • Goodbye Song
  • Drawing demonstration
  • Down In The Jungle
  • John Kanaka