Session 8 : Mr Clickety (31 mins)

Wash your hands in custard and jump around in jelly with the hilarious Mr Clickety and our special guests, Katie and Lucy. Enjoy their very silly version of Wind The Bobbin Up. Take your horse for a crazy ride jumping ditches, streams and hedges over to the Dusky Bluebells for folky dances. Play your instruments with gusto and then slow down singing the very old, delightful Fiddle-i-fee story song, painted by Claire, where all the animals make the strangest noises!


  • Mr Clickety 
  • Wind The Bobbin Up
  • Saddle Up Giddy Up
  • In and Out The Dusky Bluebells
  • If You're Wearing Red Today
  • Jack And Jill
  • Baby Bear 
  • Horsie Horsie
  • Fiddle-i-fee
  • Drawing demonstration
  • Goodbye song